Dynamic Content Organizer - PLR

Dynamic Content Organizer - PLR
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Discover how to effortlessly earn massive membership site riches without ever having to write or create new content


The laziest and most productive way to manage your business.
Completely hands off, totally automated, and very profitable
(You know what they say, work smart, not hard)


From The Desk Of: Your Name Here
Date: Date Of Writing Here

Dear Online Marketer,

Membership site riches are a big topic in the online marketing world nowadays. You sell someone a product once, and you make a small profit. Then you have to spend the money and all the effort to get them to buy something all over again. With membership sites however, once you sell a membership, you get paid every single month for as long as they stay a member.

It's this almost effortless reoccurring income that's so attractive to marketers. But there's a catch. It takes a lot of effort to keep creating content for members monthly, and updating their members areas. Call me lazy, but I really would rather spend time on promotion than on things like that, so I went ahead and created a piece of software that did all the work for me.

I've been lazier and richer ever since,
And it's a cinch to copy me

(And I give you my complete and express permission to do so)

Imagine the situation. You want to put up a membership site, but don't want to update your website every single month for new members. In fact, even if you wanted to, it's very complicated to set up a website that will put new content in members areas depending on how long they've been with you. Kind of a time release system.

So here's what you do instead..

You create all your content up front, load it into some software, then start signing people up. The software then automatically releases your content to the members when they qualify for it. Meanwhile, you can forget about the site entirely, and go about your new projects and promotion while the money roles right into your bank account. Simple huh?

But it's not just membership sites
The possibilities are almost endless


From blank piece of paper to product launch. Every step explained and demonstrated as it happens
(This is a real life case study after all)

- Effortlessly manage and maintain membership and content driven websites, either paid, or free ones. You don't need to lift a finger. Set the site up, set some dates in the easy to navigate control panel, and the script will release the content to your members at the right time, leaving you to concentrate on other aspects of your business - or just take a well deserved break.

- Full support for members areas and other scripts! No matter which scripts you use to run your website. Because the dynamic content organizer manages your site page by page, and account by account, it will never interfere with existing membership management, affiliate management or payment processing scripts, granting you a reliable, smooth and error free experience.

- Time release content to individual members or across your whole website. It's your choice entirely! Whether you want to release content to members after they've been a member for a certain amount of time (set by you), or you want pages outside of your members area to change for everyone to see, DCO does it all automatically.

- Manage individual member access. With DCO running your members areas, each member will see different content depending on how long they've been with you. You can release software to them after a period of time, new articles, audio, video, downloads, and in fact any media you wish.

- License allows support of as many websites as you like. Whether you have one website, or ten websites, you can let the script automatically manage your content for you without having to pay additional charges per domain.

- Member profile management allows you to password protect members areas, update member profiles, keep track of your customers accounts, and more! Don't have a membership organizer already? Not to worry, because DCO will in fact manage your password protected area for you!

- (OPTIONAL) New feature additions! Don't think for a moment we're just going to give you this script and leave it at that. We'll be adding new features for you in the future too, so check back regularly, and keep your contact details up to date. This comes free of charge too, you won't have to pay a penny for updates to the script.

- Quick and easy installation, even if you've never installed scripts on your server before. All you have to do is upload the files, and follow the detailed user manual to set the script up. You can be up and running in under 20 minutes from now, with your own dynamically managed, automated membership site.


“My personal 100% “I challenge you, the risk is all mine” 30 day, no questions asked money back guarantee”

I am so confident that this product will give your online business a huge head-start over those who miss out or decide to pass up this offer, that I’m going to take all the risk away from you by offering you my 100% money back, ‘I challenge you’ guarantee.

Here’s the deal. You take this product away with you today and apply the advantage it gives your online business, and in return, if you haven’t seen profitable results after using it for 30 days, (results that must exceed your expectations) I’m going to put your money right back in your pocket, and we’ll part ways, leaving you with your original investment, plus I’ll let you keep the product anyway.

It’s impossible to do business like this without having a quality product that works, and works well. If it didn’t, everyone would just claim refunds and get my product for free, and I’d make no money to cover my costs, and this site would have been gone months ago. One more reason to be sure that this is the real deal.

“In Fact, I’m so confident in this, I’m going to take things even further this time around. Here’s how..”

My time is a precious thing. There’s only so many hours in the day, and I use as many of those as I can in developing my business. I’m going to change that now though. If you don’t feel 100% confident about anything you find in this product within your first 30 days, call me and I’ll personally help you out. (You’ll find my phone number and support desk on the contact us page as always). Any questions you have about not just this product, but how it fits in with your business, how to execute the included strategies, just let me know. I’ll spend my time, helping you to develop your business with this product.

Now there’s an assurance you don’t see every day.



Order now before the price returns to normal!

You can get your hands on all of this value, the product itself, the guarantee that you'll be ecstatic with the result, and my personal assurance of help with your business if you need it, plus if things don't work out, the risk is all mine. How much are we talking here?

Not $500, not $300, not even $200, but for a mere $147, you can get your hands on the whole package. I use all of these tools and this knowledge to make the cost of this five times over every single day of every single week. Just think what having the same insider info and expertise could do for you - not to mention having me at your side to personally help you if and when you need it.

This is a rare offer, and there are only so many hours in my day, so it won't last long. Don't miss the opportunity!

Private Label Rights included!

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