The 7 Key Elements Every Marketer Follows - PLR

The 7 Key Elements Every Marketer Follows - PLR
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So off you go, more trial and error until you are pitched to buy yet another product that will surely be the key to your success!I followed a similar path for years - 5 years to be precise
(In fact I often wonder how I lasted so long)

Then a couple of years ago I came across one of John's eBooks, as usual I duly bought the product and began reading it.... John included so much good content that I found myself joining his forum.

Try to picture the scene - here I was still a relative newbie because the only thing I had so far learned was how to get out my credit card and pay for yet another 'Key to Success' that had failed to move me on.

Is that a hard picture to see?.... or do you find it easy to visualize because you've been there yourself?

Trust me I know how you feel, I felt let down and de-motivated myself on nearly every occasion.

But this time it did seem different, I found John to be approachable and active in his forum, along with some great members who all seemed to help each other.

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