All products that are purchased through are sent via email, inside the email you will have received the download links.  Those products are delivered to you by a zip file, in order to open your products you are going to need a zip extractor.  You can get a FREE trial of WInZip by clicking here.
An Adobe Reader
Most eBooks are provided in PDF format, you will need an Adobe Reader to be able to read the product.
Normally a PC will already have an Adobe Reader installed, if this is not the case you can download a free version by clicking here.
Download Accelerator
Some products that you may purchase from are on the large size, some are often larger than 100 MB.   If you are on a slow connection to the internet we highly suggest you begin downloading in the wee hours of the night.   Alternatively we highly recommend downloading a "Download Manager" such as Download Accelerator Plus, DAP in short can speed up your download speeds by up to 400%
There is a paid and free version of DAP, the only difference is that the free version displays ads.
Click Here to visit and download the latest version.
PDF Creator
If you have purchased a Private Label product it is more than likely that you wish to add your own links. 
To edit a Private Label product just add your links to the MS Documents included, now you will need to create a PDF.
Rather than purchasing expensive stand alone software we have found a great resource. is an online PDF maker, very easy to use, just upload your file and in a few clicks you are done! makes great looking PDF's as well as clickable links!
Our Squidoo Blurbs
Drop in and say hello in our Squidoo Blurb, and perhaps give your opinion on resell rights.
Article Content
A whole bunch of articles collected that covers all things internet marketing.