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ReVisitor Content WP Plugin
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Dear Fellow Marketer,

Facebook does it. Amazon does it. Google certainly does it.

It's called retargeting, and it's an incredibly powerful marketing method that helps turn one-time visitors into fans, and fans into buyers.

You've probably seen it in action when you return to Amazon after having browsed through the latest kitchen gadgets or bestsellers. When you visit again, those same items are right there, reminding you to buy.

Customized Messages Keep Your Site Visitors Interested And Engaged

For retail sites, retargeting works by showing visitors the products and services they've viewed before. By keeping the items buyers are most interested in right in the front of their minds, these subtle reminders are proven to increase sales.

For bloggers, coaches and information product sellers, the goal is different, but no less powerful:

  • Encourage repeat visitors to opt-in to your mailing list.
  • Remind subscribers about a coupon code or other offer.
  • Provide handy links to downloadable guides available only to subscribers.
  • Create special offers and upsells for buyers.
  • Show older, evergreen content to new visitors.

This is just a short list of ideas you can implement using this popular marketing method, but...

Big-Budget Marketing Is
Out Of Reach For Most

Here's the kicker. The custom code and apps that make retargeting work are pricey to develop. If you're not a coder, you'll need to hire it done, and the development and upkeep costs can be off-putting, to say the least.

And if you're not selling products online, you might think this type of content isn't applicable to you and your audience, so you may have overlooked the possibilities.

Today, though, every WordPress website owner can put a similar tool to work for them. Even better, you can use it in a way that makes perfect sense for your website, your audience, and your content.

Easy & Customizable Content Shown Only To Returning Visitors And Subscribers

ReVisitor Content plugin for WordPress brings the power of retargeting to your website or blog, giving you unlimited ways to reconnect with your readers and subscribers.

And unlike other solutions, there's no complex scripts to write and install, no hacking your php files, and no hassle. Just an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that handles all the details for you:

  • Track both returning visitors and subscribers with one simple setup.
  • Customizable cookie setting lets you decide how long to remember your readers.
  • Fully editable message content shows returning visitors exactly what they need to see.
  • Add images, video and more to your ReVisitor Content for maximum effectiveness.
  • Works with any autoresponder--no special apps or setup required.
  • Use with unlimited mailing lists and know exactly which list your visitor has subscribed to.
  • Add welcome messages and other customized content to your sidebar, footer, in posts or pages--wherever you need to grab your readers' attention.
  • No apps to build or code to configure--just install the plugin, click a few settings, and choose your messages. It's that easy.
  • Familiar WordPress WYSIWYG editor makes adding content a breeze.
  • Simple link tracking means identifying your subscribers is as easy as adding a link to your email manager.

Best of all though, it's so easy to use, you'll have customized content created and on your site in no time.


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